5 Best Dog Brush for Corgis

Best Dog Brush for Corgis

Corgis are in a class of their own. This breed is extremely intelligent and active. Don’t let their size fool you, the Corgi was originally bred to herd cattle and sheep. Besides their agility, Corgi also has a beautiful beautiful coat.

This adorable breed can be found in four different coat colors and markings. What makes the Corgi hair different from other breeds is that they have a double coat. One layer has inner short hair and the other has long hair. The undercoat is what sheds once a year.

All dogs shed but tend to shed a lot more. This is why it important to have a quality dog brush. Brushing your Corgi is both beneficial to you and the dog. It is highly recommended that you brush your Corgi multiple times throughout the week.

So, what is the best dog brush for your Corgi? Have you been to a pet store or searching online and have no idea where to start? You’re in luck! The list below highlights some of the best dog brushes for Corgis.

A Gentle Dog Brush for Your Corgi

1. CleanHouse Dog Hairbrush

We know that Corgi’s shed often. But you don’t have to deal with excessive shedding if you take control of it. The best way to do this is with a quality dog brush. The CleanHouse Dog Hairbrush is specifically designed to help with shedding.

Gentleness is key when brushing your dog. This brush is sturdy yet gentle on the hair of your dog. It is a self-cleaning pet brush. Due to its professional-grade, you can expect this brush to be high-quality and not hard for your dog.

Many customers have reported that their dogs love to be brushed with the CleanHouse Dog Brush. Dog hair can be messy, but this brush is easy to clean.

Cleaning this pet brush only takes one button. When you click the button to extend the bristles, it withdraws the bristles and the loose hair wipes completely off. How convenient?

The brush is designed for all hair types. It especially fits the needs of Corgis. it brushes gently and feels good on the skin. The design of the brush makes it excellent for de-shedding.

Not only will you be able to brush your Corgi’s hair, but the brush also helps with adding shine to their coat. You are able to get two great features in one.

Keep your dog’s hair healthy. While you are doing the necessary grooming for your dog, this brush can give them a well-needed massage.

CleanHouse Dog Hairbrush


  • Gentle on dog’s hair
  • Easy to reach the undercoat and tight areas of your dog’s hair
  • Easy to clean
  • Works on most hair types


  • There may be some difficulty keeping the cleaning button down.

Easy to Clean Dog Brush

2. SoLID Self Cleaning Slicker Brush

The SoLID Self Cleaning Slicker Brush allows you to spend less time cleaning your dog brush and more time with your pup. It is the perfect brush for your Corgi.

Although corgis have two layers of hair, their hair can be fine and thin. Because of this, it is important to find a brush with smooth bristles. This brush gently removes your dog’s undercoat without causing irritation.

Before the Spring, a Corgi can start to have longer hair. Tangles and knots may begin to form. With the SoLID Self Cleaning brush, you are able to remove tangles, knots, loose hair, and dander.

Small dogs are extremely lovable, but due to their size, they often come in contact with a lot of dirt. Over time, dirt can become trapped in your Corgi’s hair. No problem, this dog brush can target and remove the trapped dirt while brushing.

Not only is this brush easy to clean, but it also provides therapeutic benefits. The bristles on the brush are fine and able to penetrate the undercoat. After this, the brush has direct contact with your dog’s skin and provides a massaging motion. This is great for enhanced blood circulation.

Why is this brush considered an easy to clean dog brush? You will be able to clean this brush with just one button. Yes, fast and easy cleaning. The button retracts the bristles so that you can wipe the dog hair off.

Another important feature of this brush is its non-slip silicone ergonomic grip. This will add comfort to your hand while brushing your dog. It can also limit brushing your dog too hard.

You rarely see dog brushes that have a warranty. This brand offers a no-hassle guarantee. With your purchase, you will have a 12-month warranty. In addition to the warranty, there is a 90 day no questions asked money back and replacement guarantee.

Overall, this brush has many awesome features. It is by far one of the gentlest easy cleaning dog brushes.

Solid Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush


  • The bristles retract all the way back for easy cleaning
  • Comfortable grip handle for a controlled brushing motion
  • The bristles are metal material, great for both thick and thin hair
  • Made of high-quality materials


  • Although the bristles are gentle, they are made of metal and can be sharp on the skin of some dogs depending on the thickness of their hair

The Best Pin & Needle Dog Brush for Your Corgi

3. GoPets Professional Double Sided Dog Brush

The coat of your dog varies throughout the year. Depending on the season, your Corgi may shed more. A pin and bristle brush are great for all coat types. Yes, even thick hair coats.

Most corgis have short to medium hair. This double-sided brush makes it easy to brush short and medium hair. When dogs have short hair, it can be easy to bruise or harm their skin and you want to make sure your dog brush is soft.

Rounded ends on pin brushes can be comforting to dogs. It is almost as if your Corgi is receiving a massage every time you brush their hair. Give your dog spa treatment with the GoPets Professional Double Sided Dog Brush.

Unlike brushing your own hair, you can’t tell if you are brushing too hard on your dog. To help alleviate this worry, the brush has a gel-filled handle that conforms to your hands. This helps you to glide the brush through your dog’s hair.

With the bristle side of the brush, you can safely remove the loose hair from your dog. Dirt is also easily removed with this side as well. The pin brush side gives you a total groomed look. In between grooming visits, you can help make your dog beautiful.

Get rid of mats and loose hair quickly and safely is a key feature of this brush. The bristles are made of a firm nylon material. You can groom your Corgi’s undercoat with ease because of the rounded pins.

GoPets Professional Double Sided Dog Brush


  • Double-sided for better efficiency
  • Soft and gentle on dog hair
  • Rounded pins to help massage the skin of your dog
  • The brush was thoroughly tested for quality


  • Some customers reported that the handle’s grip breaks down over time

The Best De-Shedding Dog Brush for Your Corgi

4. Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

If you are looking for the best de-shedding dog brush this is your choice. It removes up to 95% of dead hair and tangles. Provide your dog with a spa treatment at home. This brush is amazingly effective for removing dead hair.

Time is always of the essence. With this dog brush, you can remove and detangle your dog’s hair in just 10 minutes. In this short amount of time, you can help your dog’s hair look and feel fabulous.

Keep your house, floors, and furniture free of dog hair with this brush. You can possibly save money by limiting grooming appointments because this brush does such an awesome job.

Free bonuses make any purchase 10X better. When you buy the Pet Neat grooming brush, you also receive the Four Dog Care e-book for free! The e-book gives you valuable grooming tips.

Because dog brushes are used so often, durability is important. The brush has a 100mm stainless steel blade that is protected by a cover for increased safety. The blade is sturdy and has incredible longevity.

Easy-grip handles make dog brushing simple. When you use this brush, you can expect precision. It is one of the top must-have pet grooming tools.

A Corgi can grow a thick undercoat, but if you continuously tame it, it should not cause an issue. To help your dog have a healthy and shiny coat, use this brush throughout the week to groom your dog.

Allergies can be kept at bay when you remove your dog’s hair effortlessly with this brush. De-shedding is truly made easy for you. It resembles the professional tools of your groomer, but you have it in the comfort of your home.

Save time and money with the Pet Neat Grooming Brush. It is gentle and safe on the skin of your dog.

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush


  • Removes 95% of dead hair and tangles
  • Safe and gentle on the skin of your dog
  • Free bonus e-book with your purchase
  • Sturdy and durable design for safe use
  • Detachable head design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel comb


  • There is a potential to cause bald spots if the brush is not used properly
  • If your dog has extremely short hair, it will take longer to use this brush

Best Dog Brush for Short Hair

5. Sharper Image Pet Dog Grooming Brush

Some corgis can have short hair, and this may cause you problems when looking for the right dog brush. Although they may have short hair, it still sheds. In this case, you need a dog brush that is effective on short hair.

The Sharper Image Pet Dog Grooming Brush is great for all coat types, but perfect for dogs with shorter hair. The fluffy hair on your Corgi can be groomed precisely with this dog brush.

Effective and efficient! The double-sided action on this brush helps you to groom your dog quickly and safely. The bristle side can remove dirt, tangles, and loose hair. What makes this brush special is that it has the same effect on both long and short hair.

Control and ease of use with this brush are enhanced with the ergonomic handle. The handle has a grooved grip so you can control your brushing motions.

Quality is important. Pet owners want to know their dog is safe and comfortable while using a product. No worries, this brush is high-quality. It has an innovative design to ensure durability and long-lasting use.

The pin brush side of the brush is great for detangling and loosening the undercoat. With both sides of this brush, you can ensure your Corgi will have a well-maintained coat that is free of dirt and tangles.

Sharper Image Pet Dog Grooming Brush


  • Double-sided brush for better effectiveness
  • Quality design for durability and safety
  • Affordable
  • Great for dogs with short hair
  • Secure and comfortable ergonomic handle


  • The pin side of the brush bends easily if your dog has thick hair

How to Choose the Best Dog Brush for Your Corgi?

After being informed of the top dog brushes on the market, your next step is to choose the best one for your pup. But, how do you determine which one fits the needs of your dog? Consider the following questions before purchasing your next dog brush.

Consider the materials the dog brush is made from. You want to ensure the materials are safe and durable. Dog brushes are used often and should be made with high-quality materials.

Size is important. For smaller dogs, a large dog brush may be too harsh on their bodies. Purchase a dog brush that is gentle on the hair of your Corgi. You don’t want to harm your pet during the grooming process.

De-shedding properties should be considered. Your dog brush should be able to help eliminate loose hair and reduce the amount of shedding your dog experiences.

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