5 Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

est Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers

Believe it or not, your Golden Retriever needs more sleep than a human. A quality dog bed will not only provide comfort for your loving and loyal dog, but it will make him healthier and happier.

Your Golden spends his days loving and protecting you. He deserves nothing less than a warm and comfortable bed at night.

Dog beds are not just for comfort. Investing in a well-padded and cozy place to rest is an investment in your dog’s health.

Does Your Golden Retriever Need a Bed?

Even if your buddy is allowed to sleep with you in your human bed, every dog deserves at least one bed of their own and could do with two or three.

Dog’s don’t have the same sleep patterns as people. Their health depends on being able to take naps during the day. This is hardwired into their system through genetics.

As predators, they require periods of sleep during the day to energize their system quickly. Once energized, they are ready again for action.

Humans need eight hours of sleep a night. Dogs sleep in bursts. Dogs are like humans in that they experience REM, rapid eye movement. They require deep periods of sleep more often to reach the REM stage.

ProHealth for pets tell us that without a comfortable bed during the day, your Golden Retriever can’t achieve the needed rest that has essential health benefits such as:

  • Optimal heart function
  • Production and maintenance of hormones
  • Cell repair
  • Memory
  • Cognitive function
  • Regulation of metabolism

Dogtime explains how investing in a good dog bed can help your Retriever’s health. Providing a quality dog bed will allow your dog to have his own protected and safe place to nap during the day.

Unlike the hard floor, the padding in a good dog bed will keep your dog warmer and help prevent joint pain and arthritis.

Golden Retrievers are prone to hip problems. They are a breed that greatly benefits from the padding in a dog bed to save the stress caused by a hard floor on their hip joints.

A dog bed will prevent your Golden from developing calluses. It also helps with hygiene as you can wash the dog bed cover often to keep your dog cleaner and prevent flea and tick infestations.

5 Best Dog Beds for Your Golden Retriever

1.PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed, CertiPUR-US Orthopedic Memory Foam

If you feel your Golden deserves the best, PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed is a great choice. Not only does it have all the best and latest features, but it also had a modern, attractive look that will fit nicely in your home.

This bed is made with quality materials and is a great value for the price. It won’t tear or break, is easy to clean, and will offer your dog the most comfort for his valuable sleep time.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed


  • Memory foam base offers support for reduced joint pain and arthritis
  • Help dogs will anxiety with the support bolsters and comfy filling
  • Water and tear-resistant
  • No mercury, lead, or toxic chemicals and cover is certified “skin contact safe”
  • Ideal for medium and large dogs
  • Removable cover is machine washable and dryer safe


  • Reports of zipper failure from some users on the cover
  • Measurements of the large bed are not as roomy as specified
  • Some dogs get overheated with the memory foam

2. Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa

If your dog overheats from memory foam but needs support and comfort for joints, consider the Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed Lounge Sofa. This luxurious dog bed will give your dog a good night’s sleep and great naps.

The orthopedic bedding is made from baby mattress memory foam. If your dog likes your couch, he will love this dog bed. This is an exceptional product for dogs with arthritis.

Friends Forever Orthopedic Dog Bed


  • Memory foam base and poly-filled bolsters provide exceptional comfort
  • Water-resistant liner is durable
  • The mattress is 4 inches thick and accommodates up to 100 pounds
  • Satisfaction guaranteed and 1-year warranty
  • Removable cover is machine washable


  • Made in China
  • Is manufactured using chemicals
  • Rubber non-slip based has been reported to disintegrate

3.Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Therapeutic Traditional Sofa-Style Deluxe 

Does your Golden love plush? Furhaven Round Ball Nest Cushion doesn’t get any plushier for a dog. This bed is designed for dogs that love nesting and burrowing.

The luxurious plush comfort features a cushy and moldable form that resembles a bean bag chair. This ball bed can fit anywhere an extra bed is needed.

The faux fur covers a thick, recycled fluffy fill for optimal comfort. Furhaven makes the most comfortable product out of recycled materials.

Furhaven Pet Dog Bed Therapeutic


  • Perfect for dogs that love to cuddle and nest
  • Faux fur covers the entire bed
  • The cover zippered so you can refill the material as needed or fill with a bedding choice of your own
  • Comes in several color options
  • Available in jumbo sizes
  • Reasonably priced


  • Filling tends to flatten with use
  • Cover has not held up well to machine washing
  • Not waterproof

4. Villa Bagel Dog Bed by Majestic Pet Products

The Majestic Pet Villa Bagel Dog Bed is designed with your dog’s comfort in mind. The bed is filled with Premium High Loft Polyester fil and is machine washable and dryer safe. The base of the bagel is made with waterproof Denier material.

The bed was assembled in the USA with quality guarantees. The X-Large size will comfortably fit even the biggest Retrievers.

Villa Bagel Dog Bed


  • Perfect for large dogs that like lots of room
  • Base is waterproof
  • Mace with premium materials that can be washed and dried safely
  • The bolster provides head support to help straighten the spine
  • Available in a variety of sizes and colors
  • 4.6 out of 5 stars by Amazon reviewers


  • Some complaints about the zipper placement for the removable cover
  • Makes noise when dogs enter the bed, some dogs dislike this
  • Stuffing could be thicker

5. Gen7Pets Trailblazer Blue Cool-Air Cot for Dogs

If you have a younger Golden with an active lifestyle, you may want to consider the Gen7Pets Trailblazer. It is designed for a dog with an outdoor lifestyle. You can use it on your porch, take it to the beach, or pack it up in a car or RV.

If your dog is prone to overheating because of a dense coat, the center mesh provides airflow. For a dog that loves to swim, the mesh allows for drainage and promotes drying.

The curved side provides support so your dog can lean against them as they curl up for his relaxing nap.

Gen7Pets Trailblazer Blue Cool-Air Cot for Dogs


  • The elevated frame keeps your dog off the ground, grass, or hard surfaces
  • The Smart-Air Flow mesh allows moisture to drain and cool air to circulate while your dog rests comfortably
  • The Smart-Features make traveling easy and include a Smart Zipper Canopy, Smart-Fold, a storage basket, wheels, and other great features
  • Dogs and owners love the design


  • Reviews that seams started ripping after 18 months of constant use
  • Puppies can do damage by chewing the bed
  • The seams between the bed and the back have ripped with minimal use

Types of Dog Beds to Consider

Dog beds can be simple and comfortable or fancy and high tech. Your dog bed selection will depend on your style, décor, and budget.

Keep an out for where your dog feels most relaxed and happy and select a bed you feel will suit your dog’s needs and fit in that space. It should be out of the way of people traffic so your pooch can get his or her uninterrupted nap time.

Basic flat mats and pad are inexpensive and often the types used in crates. They don’t offer a significant amount of padding between your dog and a hard floor.

Nesting beds are similar to beanbags. Smaller dogs tend to love these as they can curl up easily into the nest.

Cuddle beds are the traditional oval-shaped dog beds. They are very common and come in different levels of quality. They often do not have sides.

Bolsters are dog beds that have a long side and built-in headrest or pillow. These are most preferred by larger dogs.

Doughnut beds are circular in shape with removable pillows.

Waterproof beds are often needed for dogs who spend a lot of time in the water and come into the house with damp hair. They can also be beneficial for older dogs with incontinence problems. Waterproof beds are great for outdoors or on the porch.

Orthopedic beds are great for joint support, especially for larger breeds of dogs like Golden Retrievers. They have a medical-grade protective foam or box springs.

Heated beds are good for older dogs that get cold easily or live in cold climates.

Travel begs are portable so that no matter where you travel, your dog can take his comfort and convenience with him to a new place.

Cot beds keep your dog supported off the ground and are good for joints as they distribute the dog’s weight more evenly. They often fold up to make them easily transportable.

Best Dog Beds for Golden Retrievers Buying Guide

When you are contemplating the best bed for your Golden Retriever, here are a few factors to take into consideration.

There are so many choices that choosing the best product for your dog may be difficult. You can narrow down the choices if you consider your dog’s habits and personality.

Size – know your dog’s weight and dimensions. If your dog is in between two-bed sizes, always choose the larger. This is especially important for soft lounge beds with padded sides as the internal dimensions are often smaller than the exterior advertised size.

Nesting – if your dog loves to burrow to get to the bottom of a cushion, it means he is not a fan of fluffy and cushy material.

If you find him digging down and lying on the bottom liner, choose a bed that is flatter and has a removable inner cushion. This way, you can customize the internal bedding to your dog’s comfort level.

Chewers – you don’t want to purchase wicker, wood, or frames that can be chewed. A bed made of cloth may be less of a temptation.

Curl or Stretch – take a close look at how your dog prefers to sleep. If he likes to stretch out, go for a sofa type bed. If he likes to curl, choose a donut or cuddle bed. If you watch your dog, you can get hints as to which style of bed will be the most comfortable.

Sides or flat – if your dog constantly curls in a ball, a bed with sides is appropriate. If your dog loves to sprawl, you should probably choose a flatter bed to allow them the room to spread out.

Choices – you can always use more than one dog bed. Whether it would be for travel, a separate area of sleeping for day and night, or an outside bed for the porch, having multiple beds is a great idea.

By purchasing more than one bed, you can see which style your dog prefers. When it comes time to replace a bed, you can go with the style he has clearly preferred.

Read reviews – while a bed might look good in the pictures, there may be hidden issues. It is always a good idea to pick a bed that has been reviewed by a significant number of people. This will ensure that you will be aware of any problems with the product that customers have encountered.

Choosing a bed for your dog is an important decision. Keep in mind when making your decision your dog’s preferences.

Age and activity level will help you determine if you need an orthopedic cushion or something sturdier and portable for a dog with an active lifestyle.

Choose a bed that is washable and has quality materials. Remember, sleep is very important to your dog’s mental and physical health and he deserves a good night’s rest and quality nap time.

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