5 Best Dog Bed for Whippets

5 Best Dog Bed for Whippets

When choosing a dog bed for your whippet, you want to make sure you get a good value as well as find a bed that will support your dog’s body.

This is a medium-sized breed that can get cold easily, so make sure you not only find a comfortable bed, but also a warm one. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best dog bed for a whippet.

Best Dog Bed for Whippets

Milliard Dog Bed

Constructed of Memory Foam, the Milliard Dog Bed creates a more comfortable and safe bed for your whippet.

The fact that it has an orthopedic design is pretty amazing since this type of feature goes a long way to help cure back pain. This is a 100 percent healthy bed for any dog, plus it comes with an anti-microbial feature.

On the bottom, is a non-slip surface that helps give you dog a sound sleep and keep him safe since it won’t move even when your dog jumps over it.

This is also a water-resistant dog bed that prevents foam from being damaged in case a dog has an accident. Even if he does, this is an easy to wash bed that you can easily clean off and dry or residual dirt from.

With a chocolate color and a chocolate design, the Milliard Dog Bed is a nice quality bed that whippets love. Comfortable and safe, this durable dog bed will last your pet for many years.

Milliard Dog Bed


  • It is super comfortable and safe for your dog to sleep in
  • The bed comes with a non-slip bottom so it doesn’t slip around
  • It’s made with durable materials so it lasts a long time


  • It comes with a very flimsy cover
  • The bed is not waterproof

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed

Made with knitted fabric, the Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed has a unique elevated design that is safe and comfortable.

It has an appearance that is similar to a table with a firm bed that isn’t too soft. One of the best beds for whippets, this is a durable and strong bed that is long-lasting.

Standing on four legs, the bed is made with the knitted fabric and will feel more like sleeping in a cradle. The Coolaroo is attractive and lightweight allowing you to easily move it when needed. Due to its height, it also keeps your dog away from ticks and fleas and any other insect that may be around.

This is also easy to maintain and clean bed thanks to its unique design. Not only is this a strong dog bed, but it is also powder-coated to help it last longer. Measuring nine by nine feet, this is a great sized bed for a whippet that he will enjoy sleeping in.

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed


  • The bed stands up off the floor which is a cute design
  • It actually prevents mites, ticks, and fleas from getting on your dog
  • It is really easy to clean and maintain


  • Assembly is difficult
  • The bed isn’t very sturdy

Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed

Perfect for both cats and dogs, the FurHaven Pet Dog Bed is designed as a common bed type that works for any kind of animal. With an attractive oval-shaped design, it has soft wool covering to keep your dog warm that is made of luxurious faux fur. While it is a smaller sized bed, it is still very functional.

There is a specially cut area in the front of the bed that allows your whippet to get in and out. The Furhaven Pet Bed also features a zipper that lets you take it off easily, so you can either wash it yourself or throw it in the washer. Inside the pillow area, you will find a tufted fiber that makes a comfortable bed for your dog to sleep.

Medically certified and water-resistant, the Furhaven Pet Bed is completely safe for your dog. Not only does it have an attractive design, but it is also super comfortable and warm.

Furhaven Orthopedic Pet Bed


  • It is an attractive design that is really comfortable and warm
  • It comes with a pillow and is super easy to wash
  • This is a safe bed that is also water-resistant


  • It does not have a skid-resistant design
  • The cover is made of vinyl and can be loud

K&H Pet Products Cuddle Cube Pet Bed

Featuring super thick bedding, the K&H Pet Products Cuddle Cube Pet Bed comes with a 12-inch floor. Not only is this really comfortable, but it is incredibly soft and warm. Using non-slip technology, this pet bed will not slip all over the floor.

Featuring recycled plastic bottles that are used as a spring for a mattress, the K&H Pet Bed also comes with a removable cover that can be put in the washer. Just use the handy zipper for easy removal.

Available in a large, medium, or small size, the K&H Pet Bed comes with a one-year warranty to guarantee your pet’s safety. This is a great quality bed that is perfect for your whippet.

K&H Pet Products


  • It has a really nice exterior and a non-slip bottom making it really stable
  • You can remove the cover and throw it in the washer
  • The filling is actually made from recycled plastic bottles


  • It sheds a lot
  • The quality of the cover isn’t very good pilling quickly with patches falling off

American Kennel Club Cuddler Pet Bed

The perfect dog bed, the American Kennel Club Cuddler Pet Bed is an orthopedic circled dog bed. With its orthopedic design, it takes the dog’s physique into consideration by removing tension that can cause back pain. And, it has a non-slip bottom that will make sure it always stays in place.

You can easily clean this pet bed in the washing machine whenever it is needed. You can also use a cold dry system to dry it, which makes it easy to dry in cold weather.

Made with good quality materials, this is a long-lasting pet bed that has a square-shaped surface allowing your pet to sleep however he wants. The American Kennel Club Pet Bed is cozy and soft making it the perfect place for your whippet to curl up for a nap.

American Kennel Club Cuddler Pet Bed


  • It’s actually an orthopedic bed for your dog
  • You can clean it in the washing machine
  • This is a nice quality dog bed with a great design


  • The bed runs small for a large pet bed
  • It needs a little more stability since dog sink right through the cushion and onto the floor

Considerations When Choosing the Right Dog Bed for a Whippet

Quiet and gentle, a loyal whippet makes a great pet. They love humans as well as other dog making them great family pets.

If you own one, you also know they are very delicate dogs that tend to get cold. When choosing a dog bed, remember their thin coat and a slender frame that will give them the right level of support and comfort.

Bed Styles

Doughnut Shaped

This raised dog bed comes with a stuffed fabric bumper that can extend around part or all of the bed. This bed will keep your dog well contained, which is great if your dog sleeps on his back with all his leg in the air.

This way of sleeping is called roaching and can cause him to fall over in one direction. With doughnut-shaped dog beds, you can prevent him from falling when he rolls over onto his side.

A dog like a whippet prefers this type of bed since he can rest his head on the padded area as he sleeps or as he checks out the world around him.

Do not buy a bed with cedar ships for filling since they can harm your dog. Look for a bed that has memory foam that is made from either polyester, foam, or cotton which is safer and lasts longer.

Mattress Beds

Typically large and flat, these pallet-style beds give you dog enough room to stretch out on. A whippet is usually 44-inches by 54-inches at a minimum, so make sure your dog bed is big enough for your specific dog.

Look for a mattress bed with a convenient zip cover that you can remove for washing. This type of bed comes in a variety of materials, but make sure to look for a fabric that is durable and wears well.

This is important since a whippet tends to nest when he gets ready to sleep and digs in with his toenails, so it’s important to get a bed that will last a while under those conditions.

Raising the Bed

Since a whippet has a thin coat, it’s important to keep him up off the floor when he sleeps. By raising your non-slip-based bed, you will keep him from the cold floor and drafts.

This is also helpful for an older whippet or a dog with mobility issues to help him easily lift himself up off the bed.

Confining the Dog Bed

You can also confine the dog bed to help keep your dog away from the cold. Confining the bed will help him to feel protected and warm when he gets into his nest. This is also helpful for dogs that like to hide in their very own special area.

Orthopedic Memory Foam

It’s common for a large dog to have a few health issues. One of the most common issues they can suffer from is muscle problems including luxating patella, dysplasia, and arthritis.

If your dog is having these issues, look for a dog bed that uses a memory foam filling since it helps to relieve pain associated with sore joints. And, it can help stop joint-related issues from becoming worse.

Bed Size

When you choose a dog bed, getting the right size is very important. Your whippet will not feel comfortable in his bed if it isn’t the right size.

This is also true for a large breed dog that can feel cramped in a bed that is too small. When choosing a bed for your whippet, make sure to measure him while he is in his favorite sleeping position and then add four to six inches.

Sleeping Style

Since each dog likes to sleep in a different position, you need to match the bed they sleep in with their favorite sleeping position.

Some dogs like to stretch out as they sleep, others like to rest their heads, and others prefer to sleep in a curled-up position.

After you have had your dog a while, you will probably be familiar enough with his favorite sleeping position to be able to choose a bed that best suits his sleeping style.

If you have a dog that likes to sleep on his side, look for a dog bed that includes bolsters. But, if you like to sleep curled-up, look for a donut style bed to make sure he is the most comfortable.

Hypoallergenic Material

Providing the best comfort for sore joints, memory foam dog bed is not the best choice if you need hypoallergenic material. If your whippet has allergies, you will need to search for a specific hypoallergenic dog bed.

Typical do beds allow mildew and dust mites to embed in them helping to worsen these allergy-causing agents or even cause the allergies your dog is suffering from. With a hypoallergenic dog bed, you can provide your dog with a bed that won’t let allergy-causing agents in.


Most importantly, when choosing a dog bed for your whippet, don’t try to save money and buy a low-quality bed. Buying a good quality bed will actually save you money in the long run.

Make sure to take your dog’s size, sleep preference, and physical issues if he has any consideration when you make your choice.

Finding that right comfortable and the warm bed that also gives your whippet the support he needs will definitely be a great reward for both of you.

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