5 Best Dog Beds for Vizslas

best dog bed for vizsla

If you are lucky enough to have a Vizsla, you know what an amazing dog breed they are. They are loving, happy, and very loyal. It probably goes without saying that your Vizsla is an important member of your family.

As an important member of your family, you only want the best for them. Finding the right dog bed that will help your Vizsla sleep comfortably is important.

We have reviewed five of the top options on the market to help make this decision a little easier for you.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed

Let your dog sleep like a king (or queen) on the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed. This bed is made using a four-inch piece of solid memory foam.

Memory foam was selected because it can help keep your dog more comfortable, reduce joint pain or arthritis pain, and even help calm anxious dogs.

To provide extra support for your dog, as well as a sense of security, this bed also has raised bolters around the edges. If your dog enjoys resting their head up on something as they lounge, they’re also likely to enjoy this feature.

The base of the bed has a non-skid bottom to prevent it from sliding all around on your hardwood floors. The cover’s fabric is made from a tear- and water-resistant material to help ensure the bed holds up well and lasts a long time.

You will be able to feel confident that you made a good decision to purchase this product knowing that it is made using only materials that are safe for your dog.

The memory foam base is Certi-PUR US Memory Foam. The product does not contain any lead, formaldehyde, mercury, ozone depleters, or phthalates.

When needed, this product will also be easy to clean. The memory foam base is removable, allowing you to wash the cover and bolsters in your washing machine. It can also be dried using a gentle setting. 

Having a washable cover is important, especially during the times of year that your dog is shedding. Even if you brush your Viszla regularly, you will still need to launder his bed to get rid of the excess hairs.

You can purchase this bed in slate gray, sandstone, or chocolate brown. There are also four different sizes available to accommodate Vizslas of different sizes or ages.

PetFusion Ultimate Dog Bed


  • The memory foam base and side bolsters will provide the support and comfort for your Vizsla.
  • The cover can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.
  • The non-skid base will help stop by the bed from sliding around on the floor.


  • This bed is more expensive than the other items we reviewed.

Furhaven Ergonomic Pet Dog Bed

Another great option to consider for your Vizsla is the Furhaven Ergonomic Pet Dog Bed. This bed features an open, contoured design that will provide plenty of space for your dog to spread out and get comfortable.

The bed has an orthopedic foam base that is designed to help support your dog’s back, hips, and neck. The base is covered with a faux fur fabric that is super soft. The base and cover are certain to work together to help your dog drift off to enjoy a nice snooze.

We all know dog beds need to be cleaned regularly, and the manufacturer of this product designed it with that in mind. The cover can be removed for easy cleaning in the washing machine.

There are six different size options you can choose from. For an adult Vizsla, you’ll likely want the Large or Jumbo Size.

This product is available in eight different colors. You can choose from plush gray, Minky camel, Minky espresso, Minky gray, Minky spruce blue, plush chocolate, plush cream, or gray.

Furhaven Ergonomic Pet Dog Bed


  • If your Vizsla enjoys spreading out as they sleep, they’ll like this option.
  • The orthopedic foam base will provide support for your pups’ hips, back, and neck.
  • There are six size options and eight color options to choose from.


  • The bed may slide around some on hard floors.

ANWA Comfortable Dog Bed

Let your dog cuddle up to enjoy a nice nap in the ANWA Dog Bed. This option is designed to be soft and comfortable for dogs. The bed is covered with a soft plush that your dog will love.

The plush exterior is stuffed with an eco-friendly PP cotton that will keep your Vizsla cozy as he drifts off to dreamland. To prevent the bed from sliding around on the floor, there are high-density rubbers dots along its base.

This is a great feature if your dog likes to jump into his bed, knead it around, or play in it since the rubber dots will help keep it in place.

The entire dog bed can be washed in the washing machine, so clean up will be a breeze when it is needed. You can purchase this product in brown or blue. Both options have a beige interior.

There are three sizes to choose from. Depending on how large your Vizsla is, you’ll likely want the medium or large size.

ANWA Comfortable Dog Bed


  • The interior fabric is very soft and plush to keep your dog cozy.
  • You can wash the entire bed in the washing machine.
  • The manufacturer added high-density rubber dots on the base to keep the bed from sliding around.


  • This is not an orthopedic bed, so it won’t provide the joint support that some other options do.

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Vegan Fur Donut Cuddler

If your Vizsla really loves snuggling up and getting comfy, the Original Calming Donut Cuddler will surely be a big hit.

This plush and cozy bed is designed with a round shape, making it a great choice for dogs who prefer to sleep in a more curled up position.

The rim of the bed is slightly raised to help give dogs a comfortable place to rest their heads while also helping them feel more secure.

The interior of this bed is filled with a very soft filling that is designed to provide optimal levels of comfort for your dog. The filling can also help provide relief for any muscle or joint pain your dog may be experiencing.

Covering the soft filling is a plush faux shag fur. This material choice is self-warming, so it will help your dog feel warm and cozy whenever they snuggle up in the bed. The donut also has deep crevices for dogs who enjoy burrowing.

The bed’s base is designed to be dirt- and water-resistant to help keep the bed clean and in good condition. When needed, you can wash the bed in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer.

There are four different sizes of this bed that are available. For Vizslas, you’ll probably want to purchase the XL size that can accommodate dogs weighing up to 150 pounds. It can be purchased in taupe or frost.

Best Friends by Sheri bed


  • This is a good option for dogs who enjoy cuddling up to sleep.
  • The faux shag fur covering is very plush and comfortable.
  • You can wash this bed in the washing machine and dry it in the dryer.


  • Some customers have shared that their beds did not have adequate amounts of filling to keep their dog comfortable.

BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed

The BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed is designed to help relieve pain from hip dysplasia arthritis and other joint issues. It has a gel memory foam base that will keep your dog supported and comfortable while they rest.

This bed is waterproof, making it a perfect option to prevent damage from any accidents your dog may have. The cover can also be removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

There are four different sizes for you to choose from, so you should be able to find the ideal size whether your Vizsla is a puppy or a full-grown adult. You can choose from four different colors and patterns to help you match the décor in your home.

The color options are gray, blue, sand, espresso. There are also three additional cover options designed to provide extra warmth and comfort in the cold winter months that can be purchased separately. These include a multipack of red buffalo check and dark green velvet, ivory plush, and white Sherpa.

BarkBox Memory Foam Platform Dog Bed


  • The memory foam base provides support to help relieve aches and pains your dog may be experiencing.
  • The cover is waterproof.
  • There are four different color options to choose from.


  • If you want one of the plusher winter covers, you will need to purchase it separately.

Best Dog Bed For Vizsla Buying Guide

When you are looking for a bed for your Vizsla, you want to find the best product possible. Your furry companion is a member of your family, and you want to ensure that they will be comfortable in the bed you select.

To help you select the best bed for your Vizsla, read through our buying guide below. We’ll share a few different features you will want to consider before making a purchase.

Standard Dog Bed vs. Orthopedic Dog Bed

First, you will need to decide whether you want to purchase a standard dog bed or an orthopedic dog bed. Orthopedic beds are designed to provide more support for a dog’s joints and muscles, which can help alleviate any pain or discomfort a dog may be feeling.

Vizslas often suffer from hip dysplasia as they get older, so you may want to consider making the investment to purchase an orthopedic bed. It may help relieve the pain your dog is already starting to feel, even if he isn’t showing any real signs of a problem yet.


Next, you should think about the style of the bed you are looking for. There are a few different options including a flatbed, a bed with bolsters around the sides, or a large, donut-shaped cushion.

Think about your dog’s preferences when sleeping to help you make the right choice for them. If your dog really likes to sprawl out when she sleeps, a flatbed may be what you want.

But, if your dog seems to enjoy sleeping with his head rested on something, you may want to look for an option with bolsters.


Finding an appropriately-sized bed for your dog is also important. It will be important to read the sizing information provided by each manufacturer to help you select the right size.

If you have a Vizsla puppy, keep in mind that full-grown Vizslas typically weigh between 45 and 65 pounds.

Your dog’s sleeping preferences can also help you make the right choice when it comes to which size bed you want to purchase.

If your dog likes to sleep in a more sprawled out position, you will want to look for a larger bed than if your dog prefers to sleep curled up.

Care and Cleaning

Another thing you’ll want to pay attention to before making a purchase is the care and cleaning instructions for each of the options you are considering.

It is a given that you are going to need to clean your dog’s bed somewhat frequently, so looking for an option that is easy to clean will be important.

Look for a bed that can be washed in the washing machine (or has a removable cover that can be).

Colors and Patterns

While your dog likely won’t care what color bed you choose for them, you might. If possible, look for a bed that is available in a color or pattern that will coordinate with the décor in your home. This can help make it look like your dog’s bed truly belongs in your house.

Other Features

Another feature you may want to look for is a non-skid base. This will be more important if you’re planning to put the bed on hard floors since it will prevent the bed from sliding all around.

Also, you might want to look for a bed with a waterproof cover. This will help protect the padding and cover from spills and accidents. It can also help make the bed easier to clean.

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