5 Best Dog Bed for Samoyed

Best Dog Bed for Samoyed

If you own a Samoyed, you know how much your dog will pant on a super hot day. Since dogs don’t sweat, it can be hard for dogs to remain cool during the summer. Tt can help to buy them a dog cooling bed where they can be comfortable when the days are hot.

Providing a cooling effect, a dog cooling bed not only provides them relief from the heat but can also be a comfortable place to rest all year long. Here are a few tips and reviews to help you find the best dog bed for your Samoyed.

Best Dog Bed Reviews

Arf Pets Dog Bed

This premium cooling pad uses a gel that is pressure-sensitive gel in the mat. The Arf Pets Dog Bed is incredibly durable providing up to three hours of cool comfort. If the mat has not been used in 15 minutes, the mat will cool back down.

Constructed of environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials, the Arf Pets Dog Bed uses puncture-resistant nylon that will last you years. It is also super easy to clean with just warm water and a little soap.

Arf Pets Dog Bed


  • Dogs love to lay on this bed and uses environmentally friendly materials
  • It is super easy to clean and use
  • It is very durable and stays cool for hours


  • It isn’t very durable
  • The bed gets really hot if you put it in the sun

Sealy Lux Dog Bed

Using layers of comfortable memory foam, the Sealy Lux Dog Bed features a cooling energy gent that helps to regulate your pup’s body temperature.

This high-quality orthopedic dog bed comes with a non-slip bottom, so it will stay in place. And, it uses a pro-charcoal base that will absorb odors, so your pet’s bed will always smell fresh.

Along with its cooling agent and memory foam, the Sealy Lux Dog Bed has a removable cover that you can wash in the washer and a waterproof liner. If you are looking for an orthopedic memory foam bed, this is a supportive bed that will also keep your pup cool.

Sealy Lux Dog Bed


  • It is a very comfortable bed and is odor absorbing
  • You can easily wash it in the washer
  • It is waterproof, which is great if your dog has accidents


  • The edges aren’t very soft

K&H Dog Bed

Perfect for either outdoor or indoor use, the K&H Dog Bed utilizes a design where water keeps your pet cool. All you have to do is fill the bed with water and let your dog lay on its cool surface.

The bed will stay 22-degree cooler than the room’s ambient temperature keeping your pup cool in the hot summer.

Constructed with a durable vinyl/nylon exterior, the K&H Dog Bed III is a durable bed that will last a long time.

This is an easy to store bed that can be put away filled or empty. You also have three size options to choose from as well as a choice between gray or blue to match your interior.

K&H Dog Bed


  • Dogs love to lay on it since it has a nice bit of cushioning
  • You can store it when it is filled or empty
  • The bed can also be used outside


  • Once you fill it, it’s hard to move it

K&H Elevated Bed

Giving your dog added circulation, the K&H Elevated Bed is waterproof and uses ventilating mesh in its raised design.

Without using pressure-activated gel, the K&H Elevated Bed is able to provide some cool relief during a hot summer day.

Able to hold a dog that weighs up to 150 pounds, this pet cot is perfect for indoors or outdoors.

The K&H Pet Cot is an easy to maintain and clean dog bed thanks to the mesh style. It also comes in four different sizes, so you can find the perfect size to make your Samoyed feel cool and comfortable.

K&H Pet Products Coolin


  • It is easy to clean with a washable and removable cover
  • The bed keeps your dog cool with added air circulation
  • It is waterproof in case of accidents


  • If your dog likes to dig and scratch, this bed can show holes quickly

The Green Pet Shop Dog Bed

Pressure activated, the Green Pet Shop Dog Bed uses self-cool technology that does not require water or electricity.

With this patented technology, your dog gets up to four hours to cool off that starts the moment your dog lays down. After about 20 minutes of non-use, this smart cooling pad will recharge.

Perfect for cooling off your dog on a hot summer day, the Green Pet Shop Dog Bed comes in five different sizes, so you can make sure to find a size that works for your Samoyed.

It is also easy to clean and is machine washable, although you should throw it in the dryer at low heat.

The Green Pet Shop Dog Bed


  • Dogs love the cool surface, and it doesn’t use water to stay cool
  • It is easy to move and use, which is great if you travel
  • It stays cool for several hours, and you can throw it in the washer


  • If your dog chews on it, be careful to look for reactions
  • It can develop a thick crease, which is uncomfortable

The winner of the best dog bed for Samoyeds is the Sealy Lux Dog Bed. With layers of comfortable memory foam, this dog bed features a cooling energy gent that helps to regulate your pup’s body temperature.

This high-quality orthopedic dog bed comes with a non-slip bottom, so it will stay in place while using a pro-charcoal base that will absorb odors, so your pet’s bed will always smell fresh.

The Sealy Lux Dog Bed comes with a removable cover that you can wash in the washer and a waterproof liner making clean up a breeze. This is a great mix of an orthopedic memory foam bed that is supportive while keeping your pup cool.

The definite winner of the best dog bed for Samoyeds is the Sealy Lux Dog Bed hands down

Considerations When Choosing a Dog Bed for a Samoyed

Why Use a Cooling Bed?

This is a great choice for larger dogs that get hot in the summer. If your dog is happy enough to just sleep on the cool tile floor, why would you need to buy him a cooling bed? Well, there are a few reasons why a cooling bed or mat is a better choice than the floor. This includes:

  • Using a cooling bed effectively lowers the body temperature of a dog, especially in comparison to your kitchen floor.
  • A cooling mat can be used anywhere, including outside. Some are portable enough that you can take them to the beach or park.
  • A cooling bed is also a good tool to keep your dog from being underfoot. You can put it in a location where no one is walking and easily keep him from getting stepped on.
  • It is softer than kitchen tile, although not as soft as a regular dog bed. But, it will still him a little more cushion and comfort than the floor.

How Does a Cooling Bed Work?

Actually, a cooling bed works similarly to a kitchen floor. The heat will always try to attain equilibrium in a specific area.

The heat will move from your hand to a cold-water bottle consistently until both your hand and the bottle are equal temperatures.

The same happens with your dog and the floor, which means that the floor will eventually reach equal temperatures as your dog who will then have to move to find a new cool spot.

When a dog lies on a dog bed, the same thing happens, but the bed will pull heat from the dog’s body and absorbs it.

These beds either use a special heat-absorbing gel or water. Both work efficiently to absorb heat and use the same principles.

With heat-absorbing gel, when a dog is lying on a mat, the dog’s body warms the gel dropping the dog’s temperature just a little bit.

As this happens, the mat heats up making your dog get up to go to a new spot. After he leaves, the heat will flow out and onto the floor or into the air, essentially recharging it.

The same principle works for water, but it takes a lot more water to give you the same cooling power as the heat-absorbing gel has. This also tends to make a heat-absorbing gel bed smaller than a water-based one.


When you consider that Samoyeds can range in size, you want to make sure you have the right-sized bed for your dog.

Typically, a Samoyed is either a medium or large-sized breed with an average weight of up to 60 pounds and height up to 21-inches. Make sure you measure and weigh your dog before purchasing a bed.

The position they sleep in is also an important consideration, so look and see if he sleeps straight out, curled up, or with his legs out. It might be helpful to measure him while he sleeps to get a good overall size estimate.

When looking at cooling bed sizes, consider two things:

Width and Length of Bed – Depending on your dog’s sleeping position, you want him to fit comfortably into the bed’s sleeping area.

Always subtract frames or bolsters from your measurements and just look at the actual sleeping area. Also, avoid using exterior width and length dimensions as they may include the frame and bolsters.

Bed’s Weight Capacity – Besides making sure your dog fits the weight limit of the bed, you also want to maximize on the rate that your pooch’s temperature will drop.

When the cooling bed is not big enough, it won’t fit every part of his body completely, so some parts may hang off the bed and won’t be on the cool surface correctly. Always look for the largest bed possible to give him as much area to move in as different areas of the bed warm up.


Some cooling beds are easy to take along on a vacation or even a trip to the beach. If you plan to take it with you out of your home, look for a cooling bed that has a compact size and can fold up easily. You might want to find one that easily fits into your Samoyed dog’s crate so that he can stay cool during the journey.

Keep in mind that a cooling mat filled with water can easily be emptied making transporting it easier. Just remember that you will have the inconvenience of refilling it each time you want to use it.


While many manufacturers will claim the gel they use during the manufacturing process is totally non-toxic, there has been a couple of dogs that have gotten sick after they have ingested some.

Also, make sure that the cooling bed is strong enough to withstand your pooch’s claws. And, don’t forget his teeth! Don’t leave your dog alone with a cooling bed unattended if you know your dog likes to chew things.

Cooling Power

It’s also important to consider how much of a cooling surface there is on each cooling bed. Remember that all manufacturers do not disclose what the normal temperature is of the surface, and you want to look for a cooling bed that stays between 15 and 20 degrees less than any ambient temperatures.

Tips for Buying a Cooling Bed for a Samoyed

  • Look to see what foam type it is using and how many inches thick it is and if it is orthopedic foam.
  • Make sure it comes with a warranty.
  • Read reviews to see how easy the dog bed is to clean. Can you throw it in the washer or do you need to wipe it a damp cloth? Or does the dog bed have a cover that is easy to clean from accidents and spills?
  • Consider how durable the outer fabric is and what type of material was used to see if it will tear or rip easily and can stand up to punctures.
  • Is the internal cooling gel non-toxic? You want to make sure it is safe for your dog and your kids in case of a leak or puncture.
  • Can you use the dog bed outside or inside?
  • Are there different sizes to choose from so that you can guarantee it fits the crate or dog house you have?
  • Does it have enough cushioning so your dog will be comfortable to sit or lay on it?

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