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Hi I am John, owner of Mostly 4 Pets.

When I was growing up in rural Pennsylvania, between my 3 siblings and me, we had plenty of pets.  We had dogs and cats, of course.  We also had gerbils.  My younger brother had a gecko named Albert, my older brother kept piranhas,  and my oldest brother had a ferret named Mister Elliot.  It was a veritable menagerie of animals.

It wasn’t always easy for to find the best advice about how to care for our pets.  Hence, the reason I started this site was that I wanted to share my experience and provide answers to some of the questions that I had when caring for my pets, and provide the best information I can to help other pet owners take the best care of their pets.

I named the site “Mostly” for pets, because being a pet owner is also about learning about yourself.  Taking on responsibility and having another living creature depend on you.  Having pets helps a person mature.  So this site is also about how to be the best Pet Owner that you can.

Drop me a line, and let me know which pets are part of your family.

John L.


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