Guidebook and Dog or Puppy Potty Training Tools: Potty Bells, Clickers, Interactive Toy Dumbbell, Waste Bag Dispenser, Refill Poop Bags + Keychain LED Flashlight

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“Behavioral Problems” is the most common reason people get rid of their dogs. And “inappropriate elimination” is in that category. Who wants a dog that pees on the floor and

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“Behavioral Problems” is the most common reason people get rid of their dogs. And “inappropriate elimination” is in that category. Who wants a dog that pees on the floor and poops on the carpet? And what landlord will tolerate dogs trashing a rental with the next dog owner?

It is not difficult to toilet train a dog IF you know how to do it the right way. A properly trained dog will do everything he can to never eliminate indoors. Not only that, but you call the shots with the command, “Go Potty!”

This POTTY TRAINING KIT gives you keys for success. You’ll get a genuine training guide with clear, easy-to-follow instructions for housebreaking your dog. These instructions can be applied to teaching any dog skills, tricks and manners while building his confidence and enthusiasm.

Every item in this kit was selected to play a key role in housetraining your puppy.

For example, the INTERACTIVE DUMBBELL is a training aid as well as a pacifier. Learn how to use this interactive dog toy to help crate train your dog.

Teach your dog to ring POTTY BELLS. This is a great way for him to communicate his needs without mauling and damaging your door or feeling like he has to sneak off behind the couch to relieve himself.

You get 2 CLICKERS. And the POTTY TRAINING GUIDE teaches you the best Clicker Training technique.

Clipped onto your POOP BAG DISPENSER is a tiny, bright LED FLASHLIGHT so you can see puppy poop in the dark.

Capping it off, your E-Book lays out a totally actionable plan for teaching this lifelong skill. You can use the training tips to teach your puppy other life-skills such as “Come,” “Sit,” “Stay.” These strategies for dog training can be taught to any dog, anywhere, any time. Order now to get INSTANT ACCESS to your Puppy Potty Training Guide
Poop on your Rug! Pee on your Floor? No more! Housebreaking your dog or potty training your puppy has never been easier. This puppy or dog potty training guide provides simple, easy-to-follow instructions to toilet train your canine friend!
Rescue dog, old dog or little puppy, this Potty Training Kit contains everything you need to successfully instill this life-long behavior in your dog. And the Potty Training Guidebook tells you how to use every one of these (and other) tools:
TRAINING TOOLS- 2 Clickers (COLORS VARY) with Wrist Bands, Potty Bells, and an Interactive Dumbbell (which you can stuff with kibble to make it even more fun!)
POOP CLEAN UP- Poop Bag Dispenser with 2 Rolls of Waste Bags AND a lightweight, tiny (and VERY bright) Flashlight is attached to the Waste Bag Dispenser
Your 28-Page E-BOOK, Potty Training Manual for Puppies and Dogs is delivered via e-mail right after purchase. Inside are easy-to-understand instructions for how to housebreak your puppy while instilling enthusiasm for learning and willingness to please.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.