Barbie Potty Training Blissa Barbie Fashion Doll and Pet Playset

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Pampered Cat

Barbie doll loves to pamper her beautiful cat – and Blissa cat loves to be pampered! She’s adorable with her detailed pink collar and bow. Help Barbie doll care for her pretty white kitty with the Barbie Potty Training Blissa! set. It includes all the items needed to properly handle the basics: feeding, peeing and cleaning up. Bright colors and classic icons add signature style and pet-loving fun.

Help Barbie doll feed and clean up after Blissa.
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Use the purple scooper to care for Barbie’s adorable pet.
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Squeeze to Pee

Fill the water bottle with water (its handle fits onto Barbie doll’s hand) and help Barbie doll give Blissa cat a drink of water. The straw fits into her mouth, and she “drinks” while the bottle is squeezed. When it’s time to go potty, help her to the litter box and squeeze her belly to see her pee! Good job, Blissa.

Pet Playtime

When Blissa is done doing her business, she can go play with her ball of yarn while Barbie doll cleans up. Use the pretty purple scooper (with realistic slats) to remove the kitty litter clumps – the handle fits onto Barbie doll’s hand! Then dump the used litter into the trashcan, which offers multiple ways to play (it doubles as a box for clean litter too!). A clip on the side holds the water bottle when not in use, and when the can is full, transform it into fresh litter by dumping it into the box! It’s so easy to take care of Blissa cat.

Fashion Fun

Girls will also find it easy to love Barbie doll’s outfit. Casually cool capris (with a trendy denim wash) are paired with a striped t-shirt decorated with hearts, bells and bows. Signature pink shoes are a final Barbie touch. Girls will love playing out pet care with this sweet doll and her even sweeter pet over and over!

What’s in the Box?

Barbie doll wearing fashion and shoes, Blissa cat, one trashcan/litter box, one scooper, two bags of litter, one fillable water bottle and one cat toy.

You can help feed Blissa with the doll sized water bottle.
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  • Barbie doll shows how much she loves her pets by taking good care of them.
  • With the Barbie Potty Training Blissa! set, you can help Barbie doll feed and clean up after her pets.
  • Blissa cat actually pees – just squeeze her tummy!
  • Barbie doll looks adorable in casually cool capri pants and a striped t-shirt with beautiful bow details.
  • Animal accessories include a litter box, fillable water bottle, trashcan (that doubles as fresh litter!), two bags of litter and a “ball of yarn” for playtime.

Barbie doll shows how much she loves her pets by taking good care of them
With the Barbie Potty Training Blissa set, you can help Barbie doll feed and clean up after her pets
This pet actually pees and poops!
Includes Barbie doll and her adorable white kitten, Blissa
Additional accessories include a water bottle, yellow cat toy, litter box and scooper and trash can
























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