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4 Cool Tricks To teach your dog.

Dogs can bring in lots of happiness into our lives. They are loyal friends, however, an additional happiness of being a dog owner is observing your dog discover a trick that you have put several hours into teaching them. These 4 tricks to teach your dog are popular and aren’t that hard to teach the dog.

1. Sit!

This is probably a common trick dog owners attempt to teach their dogs. Sitting is generally useful when you want to get a dog to settle down, or perhaps to allow the dog to showcase it ability to carry out your commands. It may seem difficult in the beginning to get the dog to peacefully sit especially if he/she is still a puppy dog.
The fundamental key to teaching your dog any kind of trick is to make use of positive encouragement. Take the dog’s favorite treat as well as place it on the ground below the nose, having your hands cupped around it, therefore he/she cannot take it from you. At the same time, speak the command word (sit) and also tap the floor.

2. Lay Down!

Once you have trained your dog to sit down, teaching he/she to lie down is the second practical step. To lie down you ought to go through the very same series of actions.
Put a treat under his/her nose, tap into the floor and say “lie down”. He/she’ll understand that the order is different from “sit”, even though you are carrying out the very same action. When he/she finally places the belly on the ground, quickly praise he/her and also give the treat.

3. Roll over.

Begin by giving the dog the “Down” command. Kneel beside he or she as well as gently roll him or her over and command “Roll over.” Continue to keep rolling him/her until he/she is upright again, then give him/her a praise along with the treat.

4. Shake

There isn’t a much better crowd-pleaser compared to a dog which can offer his/her paw to shake. The technique to teaching this trick is extremely much like the others.
Training your dog how to shake hands may be a good idea simply because dogs are incredibly social animals. Majority of dogs really like being with people. This technique will help them get in touch with people very easily.
If perhaps your dog has not already mastered the command ‘sit’, you need to start from teaching ‘sit’ after understanding ‘sit’ then training for ‘shake hands’ may be easier to teach.
Sometimes it may be difficult to teach your dog these tricks especially the young ones, but with some well-timed praise along with a pocketful of treats, you will teach any kind of dog a new trick!

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