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4 Tips on How to Potty Train Your Dog

Every dog owner knows what it really like to train a dog which has absolutely no clue about what potty training is, as well as training him or her to be an adorable pet that is aware of which place to go when it’s time for potty.

Sadly, a lot of dog owners usually do not make use of the appropriate method when potty training their dog. By using the simple methods that I am going to list out in this post, you could introduce the dog to proper potty training faster than you may ever imagine.

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1. Get him or her out on a regular basis at the first stage of the training. The primary tip to get the dog to be potty trained as fast as possible is to get him or her out on a regular basis at the first stage of the training. This might sound as something extremely tedious to do, however it is really worth the hassle whenever you compare the period of time required to clean up the floor when the dog messes up the entire place along with the amount of time it requires to take him or her out.

2. Have a schedule. When they are planning to go, ensure it is a habit to bring them out or perhaps lock them in the bathroom in addition to let them do their “thing”. Provide them with a basic cycle which they can understand quickly to ensure that when they grow older they will know which place to go when they want to poo.

3. Delay greeting and feeding. Whenever you wake up each morning, delay all greeting, playing, feeding, etc. until the dog performed the right thing which for this reason is going to the proper place for potty. Using this method regularly, the dog will understand that he/she will get a lot of attention as well as love when he or she has done the appropriate thing. This will function as positive reinforcement and will assist him or her to realize that fact that going to the proper place is what you want rather than the other way round.

How to discipline your dog

4. Do not hit or yell. Never hit or even yell at him or her whenever he or she pee or perhaps poop in the wrong place.  Remember that you are training the dog on how to do the right thing at an early stage, if you hit or yell, he or she will run away from you and won’t be able to comprehend what you want he or she to do.

Please take notice; it is not wrong for you to smack them with something which can produce a loud bang like a paper, because dogs are not children as well as at times to point them to the right direction would be to show them you are in command.

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